Monday, 23 August 2010

The begining of the spiky obsession

In beginning there was a pot and in that pot there was an agave. Unfortunately it did not stay as one pot but rapidly became one hundred pots and what's worse is they didn't restrict themselves to the garden, but also made themselves at home in the house. If an obsession is described as soemthing that takes over your life,  then my love of succulents has become an obsession.  Mainly because they are everywhere, if there is a flat surface I have covered it in pots full of succulents, and I haven't stopped at just the flat surfaces,  but have started using the fences and posts to hang plants off as well.
Despite being horribly slow growing, and some not flowering for decades, there is always one strutting its stuff in the garden. So I thought I would start this so share my obsession, the joys of that first flower and the pains of being spiked while weeding. There should be lots of photos and maybe these will inspire others to try the more spiky side of life.
Who knows if I spend enough time on here,  then I may have less time to find new plants to add to the obsession.

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