Monday, 18 April 2011


In yesterdays post I showed pictures of ludwigia sedoides  and commented on how mathematical they looked.

I have said many times before how much I like structure in my plants, so I guess it is no surprise that I noticed them everywhere I looked on Sunday.  The softness of these cycads unfurling fronds seems a long way from their toughened look one fully grown and hardened.

Ferns can look messy, but underneath the spores are much more ordered:

Even the flowers seemed to be structures on Sunday, with this beehive ginger flower showing exactly how it got its name.

The flowers looked like they were dripping with honey, actually when you touched them they smelt really strongly of ginger. The succulents were getting in on the act as well, with one of my favourites being aloe erinacea,  

Not the best photo, but this plant, if you can get past all the spines, is very structural and each time I see it I spend ages trying to get a photo that highlights this. It looks like that will continue. 

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  1. those patterns are so amazing--so organic and symmetric at the same time! love them all!!