Monday, 30 May 2011

Back form the brink

One of the best feelings for me is when plants you thought were on the way out surprise you by making a come back. I have had an agave parrasana in my dry bed for 3 winters now. In 2009/10 the snow damaged it so badly I thought that was it,  but it bravely thought on.  Then this winter with all the snow and cold I thought that surely it wont cope this time.  Come spring when all the rest of plants got going this little agave parrasana just sat there looking very dead.  You can just make it out in this photo, (front row in the middle) looking very sad for itself.

Then out in the garden today doing a bit of spring cleaning and I noticed that not only was it still alive but it was growing more actively than it ever has. Here it is today:

Only three leaves, but each one is better than the last and for the first time it is starting to show why agave parrasana is a plant every agave fan should have.  Another one to add to my hardy agave list, although maybe treat it better than I have.

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