Monday, 6 June 2011

A constant in an ever changing world

Like most people, my favourite plants change on an almost daily basis depending on what is in flower, looking good, or perhaps just something I have just re-discovered. There are however a few plants that would always warrant a mention. One of the agaves is potatorum kissho kan, which every succulent fan should own. It is a dwarf form of potatorum and so has the advantage that it never gets too big, an important factor when considering limited winter storage space. It is also very fast for an agave, meaning you actually know it has grown and can have a more mature form within a year or two.

The plants you will normally find for sale are the variegated forms. Strangely they are usually sold with the same name without any of the usual add-ons about the variegation.

The normal form is not bad either, a lovely blue colour and dark red spines make it an eye catching plant.  I know there is an obsession with variegated forms, one I share, but when the normal form looks this good, it should be more widely available than it is.

Should I ever have to limit the number of plants I keep, these two would both get a place as I am not sure I could choose between them.  Fingers crossed I never have to.

So are there plants that are always in your favourites list?