Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Sitting out with a drink and the parakeets

The good weather continues and it actually feels like summer, after the wet July.  So we took the opportunity to sit out and enjoy the evening in the almost finished seating area. The seat is in, the decking waxed and who would of guessed one or two pots may have migrated to the area as well.

There are still a few bits to finish off, and I have to re-lay or seed the lawn in places, but it is finally getting there. The pots on the flower bed are only temporary while I wait for the holders that I can attache to the posts and trellis. Funnily enough, if we hadn't decided to move the original idea included converting that bed into a raised succulent bed  to allow most of the plants to be planted. So it is good to see them there, even if it is only for a short time. 

Living where I do in South West London, we have the pleasure of flocks of parakeets.  No one is sure where they came from, but there are now thousands of them living wild in the local parks and in fact there are so many they are considered a pest.  No matter how you view them,  there is no ignoring them. Sitting out on a summers evening you see flocks flying home to roost and it's still a sight I enjoy, even if it is a noisy one.

Photo by miacat63, and is much better than any I have.

They are a lot prettier than pigeons!

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