Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New offsets: variegated aloe spaonaria

Todays plant is my variegated aloe saponaria, another of my favourites and first time off-setters. The mum has been getting better every year and is a beautiful lopsided plant.

The non-variegated plant is considered one of the more hardy aloes and pups nicely.  I have not been brave enough to test the variegated version, but who knows with spares I may be tempted. It would be nice if they would at least survive in an unheated greenhouse, as it is getting a bit big to bring in.  

The pups on this one were not really a surprise as the shoots were there when I re-potted it earlier in the year.  The only question was going to be the level of variegation as it should reflect the side of the plant they come off.  Typically the first one to appear is off the all white side, so like the last post, this one may not be able to survive on its own.  There is hope though as the pup seems more yellow and I am hoping that as new leaves develop they will have a little more green.

Time will tell and if it doesn't develop more green, then there is plan B, as there are at least 3 more coming off different sides. At least one of them must have the level of variegation I am after.  It's good to have a back up plan!


  1. Here saponeria offsets to the point of being an almost invasive pest--I like the variegated version better. That's a lovely one in your photo.

  2. I wouldn't mind being over run by pups from the variegated plant !