Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The dry bed cleared of leaves.

Having shown the dry bed covered in leaves, I though it I ought to show it cleaned up.

Not the best photo as it was a bit of a dull day.  It has not been a great year for succulents in the UK, we have had a cold summer and it has really effected the growth.  About the only group of plants that have grown are the yuccas. One that has done particularly well is yucca whipplie. I manage to badly damage this plant when I stupidly covered it with a bit of fleece before the snow, the weight of which snapped the growing point.  It doesn't seem to have slowed the plant down at all though and I am really pleased with the growth rate.

I know it is common, but the agave gloriosa variegata has turned into a lovely plant.

It has got a bit big for the space and is now starting to grow over the agave gentryi.  This is another plant that has done well this year, having been badly damaged last winter.

Speaking of hardy agaves, the true star for me is agave bracteosa.  It never shows any damage despite not being protected at all last winter.  Again the bad summer has meant it didn't grow as much as I would have liked.

The lack of growth was a common theme for the agaves this year, even the a. montana has been slow.  This one usually grows more in cooler weather.  The a. parryi, filifera and nigra haven't been much better.

Over the next couple of months I will be getting the plants ready for winter.  A lucky few will have rain covers, and the fleece will be got ready for when snow is forecast. The rest will be left to fend for themselves.  No pampering here!


  1. Hmmm, rain covers sound like pampering! My Agaves are jealous! And you know...everything looks wonderful!

  2. Most impressive, I love these sort of garden beds & have started collecting ready for when I can have my own.

  3. Loree: Don't worry only three plants get covered, so you can tell you plants not to feel left out.

    Becc: Thank you. And keep collecting ready for a dry bed of your own.

  4. they look really happy even if they aren't growing, you are effectively pampering them I think

  5. Hey! Your bracteosa looks better than mine! That can't be right!

    They ALL look pretty good, actually. You take excellent care of them.

  6. oxslip: I need to keep it look good, firstly so my OH lets me have a larger dry bed in the next garden, and secondly so I can persuade you to expand you rock garden to include some of these plants as well!

  7. HB: Thank you, and I think bracteosa is probably one that does better in cooler weather grown a bit slower.