Friday, 25 November 2011

One last treat before winter

I tend to stop buying plants when the weather shows signs of winter.  There is nothing worse than ordering a plant only for it to turn up as mush having been frozen during delivery. Although we have had a beautifully warm start to winter it can't last, so I have decided it is time to stop purchasing for this year.  I couldn't resist one last purchase though and I have had my eye on this one for most of the summer.

Aloe cv. 'Sunset' is a cute little aloe from KG.  Unlike a lot of the new hybrids, it has a more upright habit which is one of the reasons I have been watching it.  It still has good teeth though which form a red/orange trim around each leaf. I have no idea how it will grow, so it is a case of watch this space.

It came from a trusted seller on Ebay and this is why I have been watching it and not buying it.  I have mentioned before that many plants go for over a sensible price, as people get carried away.  Often simply searching the internet will show that the same seller has a shop where they sell the plant at a fixed price.  This is not the case with this seller, but as they were putting a plant on every week, it was simply a matter of deciding how much I wanted to pay and then waiting.  Prices tend to go down at this time of year as others feel like me and stop buying, so there is less competition.

In the end I got a bit of a bargain so am very happy.  Just don't tell my OH as I may have sneaked it into the house onto one of the windowsills while she was out, and they were already fairly full.


  1. Looking fabulous! Great pictures dude, I just loved it.

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  2. Very cool plant there; I can see why you couldn't resist it! We're fortunate here because I can find them pretty much through December in our local nurseries. That's great for me becuase I just sneak them into my greenhouse with the rest of the chaos and my husband is non the wiser!

  3. There's always room for one more succulent. That one's a beauty!

  4. Loree and Joya: thank you, am very pleased with it.
    Mandy: Lucky you and good to know someone else sneaks plants past their partner.

  5. Ooh! That's a pretty one. I love those red teeth.

  6. HB: It was the teeth that made me want it, I don't have any of that shape that have teeth like this one. It should be more available in the USA, but it is not one you read much about compaired to the other new hybrids.