Friday, 6 April 2012

Echeveria seedlings

After a recent comment asking about the echeveria agavoides 'ebony' seedlings I thought it was time for an update, especially given the growth. I potted up to of the e. subrigida x peacockii seedlings earlier in the year and you can see the difference that has made in their growth.  Who says that succulents don't respond to pampering.

First up was to pot up the remaining e. subrigida x peacockii seedlings.  There is still really good variation in the colour of these from plain green to a very pale blue / white. I hope this continues as I will then be able to select the best ones and pass the the rest off to friends (or the highest bidders). 

The e. agavoides 'ebony' have been much slower.  I find this is typical of the variety, they seem to take a long time to get to a certain size and then suddenly get going.  I would expect them to stay small this year and then properly put on good growth next summer. Although if we actually have a summer that may be different and they have got a good head-start now they are all planted up.

Both of these should be very collectable once they have grown a bit.  I am sure my OH will be looking at them think "a little bit of extra cash", I will probably look at them and think "swaps anyone"?

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