Saturday, 27 April 2013

Organising the greenhouse

Making the most of some warmer weather to do some general tidying and potting on after winter.  Most of the plants will be outside again over the summer, but a few will be kept in the greenhouse. I am finally getting over not having the shed and seeing the positives of having more space. It is nice to be able to pot things on inside and to have space for odd plants, and propagation.

First up were the agaves, most don't need re-potting and it was easy to select those that would be given space. They very neatly fitted onto one bench, and with minimal cleaning up are ready for the growing season.  Having them set out allowed me to go through checking for new pups and to photograph them . As always at this time of year new offsets are starting to show, or are discovered when plants are removed from their pots. I was also surprised how many hybrids/crosses I have, it wasn't a concious decision to buy hybrids, but they have been sneaking in.

Next up were the aloes. These needed more re-potting and also deciding what to include.  The bigger plants wouldn't fit on the bench and some of the small clump forming varieties had got a bit messy.  In the end it was obvious there would be space on the bench for other plants, so it became a crassulaceae area.  Given the constant re-classification and renaming of plants between the aloes, haworthias and others it makes that easier as well. 

Next up will be the echeverias which will fill a third bench without needing help. A lot more re-potting needed here as they tend to suffer the most over winter.

The remaining space will be used for the cacti, any plants that didn't fit else where and some free space.

This should be the end, but being in the UK the weather decided we had it too easy with a couple of days around 20C. So the next few days are forecast to be back in single figures and worse a few nights of -3C. While I don't worry about most of the plants, some could be damaged by those lows so have been moved back inside. Just for once it would have been nice to move form winter to spring to summer, not winter to spring and back to winter again!

At least I will be able spend time in the neater greenhouse, even if there are a few gaps.


  1. Your plants look really good despite a long winter. You must be doing a lot right!

    1. Thank you. Sadly it is most likely because a lot of these were in the house over winter.