Monday, 19 May 2014

The cacti are back

Many of my cacti flower early and this year has been particularly good. Last years star shows signs of being even better this year.  I must try and dig out a name for it.

I seem to remember that last year the colour got stronger as they opened. It is also good as the flowers last for almost a week, instead of a day or so.

The next one is a first for me, oroya peruviana, delicate waxy flowers on this one. 

Then the mass of flowers which are the rebutias, this one is rebutia x aylostera

The only problem with rebutias is that while they always flower well, sadly the flowers don't last long, only a day or so, so there is a short period when they look this good.

It is good to be out in the green house again.


  1. Nice flowers. I have found flowering early this year.

    1. Everything in UK is early this year. Apparently has caused chaos at Chelsea flower show.