Sunday, 22 June 2014


Today in the garden was all about shapes.


The is the matting used for the path.  It has a membrane to restrict weeds and then when plastic hexagons which hold the gravel and keep it nice and firm.  Amazing even this small relatively thin sheet is rated to take vehicles including vans when used for driveways.

Filling it, you can leave the hexagons showing if you wanted.


Whose idea was it to have a circular seating area.  The sheets click together nice and easily, and can be cut to shape.  There is a separate sheet for the man-hole cover, it's been left for now as sadly the builders are back next week to finish off and may need access.


The S shaped path seemed like a good idea at the time. Amazingly, the measurements worked out as expected and there was enough matting to do the entire area without having to go and buy any more.


So was it worth it?


  1. I have a straight and winding path and the winding one was more difficult to do but is better. I grow plants over the edge of the straight path to hid that it is straight.

    1. I am definitely pleased I went for the curve it looks so much better and actually it was easy to do with the matting, just a little fiddly cutting everything to shape.