Saturday, 9 August 2014

The benefits of propagation

Most succulent fanatics can not help propagating their plants, even when they don't need more.  It could be the challenge of trying a new method, or just the thought that it is a waste to chuck anything away when it can be grown into a new plant.  Whatever the reason, the result is often a lot of spares sitting around waiting for a good home.

I have been dividing my variegated aloe saponaria over the last couple of years and now have a few pots of different sizes and varying degrees of variegation. With empty spots in the succulent rockery I couldn't resist adding one of the less variegated groups.

It probably wont survive this winter, but the advantage of all those spares means I can see what happens.

While doing this I split out the best one to grow on.  They tend to get more variegated as they get bigger often ending up almost totally white or yellow. 

I have high hopes for this one for next year, hopefully it will turn out as well as it's grand mum.


  1. Oh, that last one is a beauty. Just enough green to keep it alive.

    1. It was actually real quick growth wise, which surprised me.