Monday, 4 May 2015

Time for some flowers

It is that time of year and the succulents are starting to put on a show.  This year is is a real variety of acts.

There's the mass flowers: Delosperma garnet

The mini flowers:  mammillaria snowcap

The dramatic flowers

Worth a close-up

Finally the wierd flower: crassula 'Buddha's temple'

A first for me, and just strange.

I wonder what will be next act in the show.


  1. The stranger, the better!... Mine have flowered as well.. Where I live, the climate is out of sync..

  2. Oh my, so beautiful! The crassula flowers look normal for crassula flowers--it is the strange plant that make them look strange...and wonderful.

    1. thank you. This is one where the plant makes the flower instead of the other way around.