Thursday, 4 June 2015

Are pots the new obsession

The problem with finding something you have searched for, is rarely does it seem to end the search.  So having finally found the first pot, you can see the post here, it was already starting to look like the search would continue.

In today's internet driven world, it is amazing how quickly everything becomes an international search.  Those of you in the USA have a big advantage here, there seems to be an established community of suppliers catering to the succulent market.  The UK is a long way off that, although we do have a a few bonsai pot suppliers, more about that in a future post.

So the second set of pots came all the way from Thailand and an Etsy shop called Coffee Morning.

Again they are not large, the biggest about 3" across the smallest only 1". It was only suppose to be two pots, but they very kindly added the smallest as a gift.  They arrived really well packed so there was no need to have worried how they would cope with the long trip.

The idea was originally going to be to fill them with haworthia, but they are too nice to hide away so instead have been planted up with things that can be out on display in the summer. The smallest has a small clump of echeveria minima. The hope is to keep the tiny by constricting the roots.

They tend to form clumps quickly so it should be a good little pot by the end of the summer.  I will probably trim the roots each year to encourage it to stay small.

For the medium pot it was echeveria golden towers.

It is one of the more vertical style of echeverias and can be trained by trimming the branches.  It has been a while since I had one in good enough condition to flower, but I seem to remember the flowers are good as well. This plant has been neglected for a couple of years, due to the move, so it's perfect timing to start again.

Finally the large pot and for this abromeitiella chlorantha had been set aside.

This plant was an offset from a clump split a few weeks back during some re-potting.  It already has new offsets forming, so should fill that pot out nicely over the next few years.

So there you have them, all planted and ready to be put somewhere they can be admired.

I like the little feet on the two larger ones, it helps ensure the pots dry out and stops the surface they sit on from getting that dirty pot mark. 

This is not the only purchase, there are a few more on there way from different locations around the world. Maybe at the end of the summer I'll do an update with all the pots and have a vote on which one works best.

The sad thing is, the whole reason for starting this search was to find two larger pots for specimen plants. A few purchases later, and some nice new pots, but nothing big enough for the plants I am looking for.   It seems like plant buying, often you end up with far more than you set out to look for.

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  1. Very cool and interesting pots. They look like they could be made out of cork. I think you have a good selection of plants for them.