Thursday, 6 August 2015

A tiny landmark weekend

As soon as we moved into the new house and had a proper chance to look around the garden, it was obvious very few if any of the plants would make it into the future plans. Most would have to be dug up as part of the build and many more would simply be trashed by the builders. This turned out to be true, and then this weekend we dug out the last two remaining large shrubs.  There are now no plants remaining from the original garden.

Before going any further, I should add that the nicer ones were saved: given to neighbours or anyone else that wanted them. Just because they were not to my taste does mean someone else wouldn't love them.

I was looking through photos trying to find a picture of the section that has just been cleared, this is the closest I could find.

It is so strange seeing the original garden.  That wall in the middle of the garden really was a little strange. The two bushes that were dug up this weekend are just visible on the right hand side in the middle, the very bright green ones.

The space now looks like this:

The fruit trees have been moved and planted in the front garden, so now the only plant remaining is the bamboo.

The only problem is what to plant there?  That photo looks almost due south, the green house provides some shade in the morning and the fence shade as the day progresses.  I have no idea what my non spiky style will be like, it will be a whole new adventure. The only plant I know is going to be added are a couple of scheffleras, probably one either side of the wooden posts.

Although everything is ready to go, even dug some manure into the soil, I am guessing there will be lots of research and limited planting this year with most stuff going in come spring depending on best time to plant. There are enough other jobs in the front and around the house to keep me going until then.

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