Sunday, 11 September 2016

Time to even things up.

This haworthia attenuata variegata was one of last plants I got from my friend Paul before he died. His pot was rammed full of plants, all variegated to some degree. It was quite a sight. I was desperate for a bit to start my own pot, but he was understandably reluctant to spoil the look of his pot. We spent a while carefully turning it to see if any of the smaller offsets would come off and one did. Not the best, and only half variegated, but a start.

A few years later and my pot is full of plants, only most are not variegated. I forgot to take a picture of the pot before splitting them, but here is the mother now:

Being lopsided the type of pup depends on where it comes of the parent plant. In this case over half the pot was not variegated.

Then there were those that were exact copies of mum.

I toyed with the idea of replanting any with variegation, then noticed the plant I have been waiting for: a fully variegated pup.

Time to start again with this plant.  Thankfully it is one of the faster haworthia, so the pot should fill up in a couple of years.   Hopefully this time every plant will be variegated, giving me the pot I have wanted since first seeing Pauls.

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