Friday, 14 October 2016

Echeveria John Catlin

This is a strange one: a beautiful white echeveria, but I know very little about it and have not see it anywhere else.  It was purchased at the BCSS national show 8 years ago, from Eau Brink cactus nursery, so a really good source and I would have expected to find more out there.

This was it back in 2011, as you can see it has more pointed leaves than Lauii but is just a white and attention grabbing.

It is one that never offsets, and despite all my efforts, none of my tricks have worked to get that first pup.  Then I tried top cutting  and again nothing.  The top rooted, thankfully, but the base did nothing.  At that point I sort of gave up trying at least in the short erm.

In one last effort I have been letting it grow, forming that perfect trunk.

So a few weeks back I took the plunge and top cut it again, the top was planted up and I was pretty certain it would root without too much problems.

The big question would a few extra years of experience top cutting pay off with offsets forming on the base trunk.

Yep three precious little babies on that trunk today. You can imagine how pleased I am, even if it isn't the best time for them to have formed. You can guarantee that this is one plant that will be watched very carefully over winter.

Obviously this success has gone to my head and I am now picturing a greenhouse full of them in a couple of years. To be honest I'm not going to push my luck, I'll be happy if these offsets make it to rooted established plants.


  1. I have a dudley brittoni the same color.. had no idea that it was considered 'white'.. I have other echeverias in that color but the leaves are thicker and have pink tips on the leaves... I've found pups seem to form when they get overgrown in their pot.. give it time, I bet u will get some

  2. Impressive job! Can't imagine what you'd be able to accomplish with Echeverias given my climate. ( Much more than I can.)

    There's an Aeonium 'Jack Caitlin' at the Huntington--glowing red foliage, really lovely.

  3. That is a very nice cross. Hope those pups take :)