Monday, 17 July 2017


This week seems to be full of finds.

There was the lost and found. With the new bed, I moved the agapathus.  You know the feeling that you may have missed / lost a plant somewhere.  It seems I missed one.

Then the new find. Agave parryis have a reputation for offseting, so it was only a matter of time.  This is the main view of my two different agave parryis.

Looking down from behind them today noticed this

Thankfully the two forms are very different.

That pale blue colour and the orange spines are a give away that it's HK1684. As this is my favourite parryi form I am happy.

A surprise find.  We have been having a great summer, the succulents are loving it but someone is struggling to find somewhere cooler. 

She is not allowed on the flower beds, I may have to let her off this time.


  1. What!?! Who's that doll face and why haven't you ever mentioned her???

    1. Our little monster. I have mentioned her on few of the blog when people have been talking about their dogs. It seems succulents and dogs go together.

  2. Adorable, for a monster!

    Parryi offsets are good in that they come up a little away from the original, making them so easy to move. The ones that come up right under the plant are a pain (sometimes literally).

    1. I love the fact that both you and Lori have your dogs as your pictures,and have commented in a row here.

      I agree parryi are good for they slightly distant offsetting. I fid xNigra is the same