Friday, 17 August 2018

Aloe polyphylla: update 2

So it has been a month since the last aloe polyphylla update. A few heads have been removed to try and root. This seems to be a slow process, time will tell what happens to them.  The remaining heads will be left, at least for this year.  There are 6 still attached to the original plant.

All except for one of the oringinal leaves have been removed and I'm pleased to say it hasn't slowed the growth. 

I'm going to leave it in the ground for another month, then dig it up to protect it over winter.  In a couple of years, it should be big enough to plant back out again.  A 6 headed plant is going to need a LOT of space!


  1. That's gonna look so awesome when it gets bigger. You better protect it this winter!

  2. So far, so good! It--they--looks really healthy. Continue green with envy that you can grow polyphyllas.

    Someone kicked over and snapped off my Aloe 'Moonglow' (hopefully not deliberately) and I have the same sort of cluster growing back, plus the original rosette re-rooted.

    1. The great thing about succuelnts, often disaster turns into something good.

  3. Dying to know what a six headed spiraling Aloe polyphylla would look like. Great website. Best of luck! With tissue culturing, multiheaded aloe seem to be more common, but develop the spiral layer in life. Just got a 4 header, going to leave it be.