Sunday, 26 September 2010

Little rays of sunshine

Agave Parviflora
I spend a lot of time just pottering in the garden,  watching the bees trying to get in the echeveria and aloe flowers and generally just admiring the plants.  I can do this for hours and I tend to get more enjoyment out of the detail in individual plants than from looking at the garden as a whole. Most of the time this is probably because the garden is going through a re-design so there is not much to look at in the ground and it is a mess, but on sunny days the plants can literally shine.

I love the way the light catches the edges of this agave and causes the thin strip between the leaf and the spines to glow.

Mind you looking at the rest of the photo perhaps I need to spend less time admiring the plants and more time cleaning some windows!


  1. Is that a promise about cleaning windows?!

  2. I will try, as long as the plants don't try to distract me!

  3. Did you hear GQT at the weekend? There was a piece where they visited a cactus and succulent show and the phrase 'succulent widow' came up, the chap was a bit indignant and quite insistent that before long the partners all gave in and started growing too. You've held out well so far though Titchy.