Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Order please

Visited RHS Wisley at the weekend and I got to wander through their lovely little apline houses.  I love these, with their brick beds and pots surrounded by sand, they are so neat and ordered.  One of the nice things is the rotation of plants, so with every visit the plants are different. Of course this means that for every perfectly formed alpine house there is probably a large dis-ordered storage green house full of  plants waiting for their chance to star.

I am not the only one who likes this area,  there is the famous cat that has caused so much trouble digging things up through the years.

But who can blame it for when there are such sunny, if a little spiky, places to relax the days away.


  1. Ha ha! What a funny place for a snooze, warm but not comfy

  2. It looks like it has developed enough padding to soften up those rough places.