Friday, 2 March 2012

Tracking progess

Every spring and autumn I take photos of a lot of my plants to see how they are growing. Then on quiet evenings I can look through them to see how things have grown. Variegates work well for this as you can really see the plant come into its own. Some of my favourite series are the experiments or plants that I am shaping. This is echeveria secunda brevifolia, I have posted about it before, as I was trying to shape it into a little tree.  This was it in March 2010:

Then a year later in March 2011, it has filled out nicely:

And finally Last week:

I really like the new plants forming underneath the original growth.  I am now tempted to cut the outside ring off to expose the dome below.  Then again I may leave it and see what happens, after all I can always cut hem off later if leaving doesn't work out.

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