Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Not what I was expecting

One of my main rituals in spring and again in autumn is looking through the pots at what has offset.  Every now and then something will surprise you and looking around over the weekend I found these. Not the offsets I was expecting:

That is definitely not a cactus!

Neither is that one.  There are two possible explanations; either they were sat next to a plant that set seed, or I re-used the soil from a pot I was using for seeds. Either way it is unlikely I will ever figure out what the plants are.  I am guessing they are echeverias (given those are the only succulents I grow that produce seedlings like that) and that is about as far as I will get.

Whatever the explanation, it's not bad considering these pots have been in my coldest mini green house all winter.  To have germinated in the cold and be growing without any signs of damage should produce nice hardy plants.


  1. So funny...sometimes things like that really do happen when you least expect them :-)

    1. The trick is obviously to let things happen naturally. I have less luck when I try to grow the seeds in my propagator.