Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A quick Kew drop in

A bank holiday with sunny weather is a rare thing in the UK, so it was always going to involve popping into Kew Gardens at some point.  We went in through a different gate to usual and this meant walking past the roundabout that is planted up with succulents in the summer, it looks a bit different at the moment.

Next was the walled and tropical gardens.  These are at their best at the end of the summer, but it is still interesting to see them at this time of year as I love the new growth, plus it is often closed for wedding once the summer gets going.

I am not normally a tulip fan, but these were striking.

From the walled garden it is a short walk across the grasses section to the alpines.  Normally you can not see between the two due to the grasses and the paths are like a miniature maze. They had just cut them all back for spring, so sorry Scott, not as much to show you as there can be.

The winter is having a knock on effect and the alpines section was not as colourful as I would expect for the time of year. The actual alpines house had a few things in flower including this nice arisaema.

Outside there is a large rock area for mixed planting.

This always catches my eye.

While it's mainly alpines there are a couple of yuccas planted throughout.  You never see this one anywhere, but is looked great up until it flowered two years ago.  It now has two heads and looks like it's fully back into growth, so hopefully by the end of the summer it will be back to its best.

From the alpines section you come to the Princess of Wales greenhouse.  The big clean out last year seems to have done it job and the main succulent bed looks great.

There didn't seem to be as many aloes in flower as I expect, but maybe I am later or earlier than usual. Lots of agave & cacti inspiration.

I had to track down this aloe having seen this one, mine is a lot smaller and I keep forgetting the name to write a label.  It is a lovely plant very blue in colour.

Thee are a few plants in the xeric section that always surprise me including these Echiums

It was only a quick walk through the more tropical section of the greenhouse to see the bromilaids. 

Then a gentle walk past the main Palm House, through the Mediterranean garden, which gets better every year. 

I love the feel and look of cork oak bark

Carrying on with good views of the treetop walkway, before the trees obscure it totally.

Finally looking at the preparation work for the restoration of the Temperate House. This really needs work, not just the glass and iron work, but the actual stone is starting to go.

They are digging up most of the plants and it is wierd seeing them all in pots

You don't normally get clear views in here, and so it was strange seeing so few plants and much more of the structure.

Outside there were huge piles of rocks, waiting for the work before they can be put back.

What I wouldn't give to have that lot in my garden!

It seems we weren't the only ones to have the idea of visiting Kew on a sunny day, on our way out we saw this queue, it went all the way around the corner out the left hand side of the photo.

I'm guessing people had a different sort of Kew in mind

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