Sunday, 23 June 2013

A sad delay to sempervivum Sunday

Today should be the first sempervivum Sunday, but it has been a very sad end to the week with the funeral of one of my friends.  While I already had an interest in agaves and succulents, it was Paul who really helped it develop. Apart for helping me figure out how to grow and propagate plants, he also introduced me to countless new varieties.

When thinking about what to post here, I considered pictures of his new greenhouse, some of his amazing plants, or pictures of him at plant fairs. Nothing seemed quite right, so instead I will post just one photo of a tiny part of his greenhouse with an agave starting to flower. 

I will continue developing my knowledge of agaves, but will miss the visits to see his amazing collection and him pointing out new plants to add to my wish list.


  1. Sorry for your loss!. You have learned a lot from your friend and glad you have posted your accomplishments w/ propagating... You're passing down what he has taught you- what a gift.

  2. I'm so sorry for the loss of your plant friend.

  3. This was a perfect way to honor your friend's memory. Well done.