Thursday, 6 June 2013

A wall re-imagined.

What do you do with a very strange garden feature?  It's purpose is still unknown, but the wall has been coming down bit by bit.  Here is one last photo as a memorial.

So what to do with the bricks.  Re-cycling / up-cycling are rife in gardening, and the best gardens often have some element of re-used materials.  It's a skill, especially when the supplies are limited. There is also a danger in a small garden that too many materials can do more harm than good.

Thankfully at present everything is temporary, and an opportunity to experiment. So what do you do with an ex-wall?  You make an extra area for pots.

Only about half the bricks were good enough to use, it was enough for this area and a similar one the other end of the decking.  I quite like the randomness of it, and I may use it in the front garden. If nothing else, it has given me an idea of how to make the pathway in the front less separate form the rest of the gravel planting. I know gaps in paths are bad for people in heals, so if I do use it, it will only be the fun path to get to the plants, not the main one to the door. Those gaps cry out for some alpine planting.

In the mean time, it has been covered in pots.

Moving the large agave montana was fun, it was only resting in its last place for about 8 months, but had been doing some exporing.

So much for the idea that agaves don't need root space.

A few more pots in place and it turned out there was space for a couple of cushions. It's a nice place to sit and enjoy the evening sun.

It looks almost respectable.  Sadly as you sit sipping your wine, you look over the other side of the garden which is a mess!


  1. Your A. montana looks fabulous!

    I've got concrete blocks I've used in four or five different spots, and no doubt they will be used in other places in the future. They seem to get more and more useful, not less.

    1. The A. montana has done really well. Looking forward to getting it back in the ground.

      It is a shame to chuck any blocks, you can always find a use for them.