Thursday, 22 August 2013

Most exciting offset of the week

Another week, another surprise, this time haworthia limifolia variegata. Without doubt one of my favourite plants, and also one of my slowest plants.  So it is a doubly nice surprise to look at the pot and find not one but two offsets!

The fun part of variegated offsets is wondering what they will end up like.  This is especially true  where the the variegation on the parent is not even.  The basic rule should be that that variegation will match the spot the offset comes from. All fine until the offsets are on runners, and to add to that the plant spirals makes it impossible to work out on this one. 

The good news is that it doesn't matter, it should be good whatever the variegation ends up like.  The other good news is that as I already have a couple of these, they will at some point end up being swapped for something equally as beautiful.  That could be some time away given how slow these are and needing to ensure the plants are big enough to survive on their own. 

I'm enjoying this theme at the moment, so what is your favourite offset of late? Please feel free to join in and either comment here, or better yet blog about your own most exciting offsets.


  1. I love your collection!... I was lucky to come across a variegated (mint green and white) aloe... its a baby and an eye catcher!. Your collection beats mine by a mile!

    1. Thank you. A lot of it comes down to contacts; as you get to know other collectors you get to know more hints, tips and swaps. It can be slow and frustrating when you start out, but keep on going it is worth it in the end.