Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Continuing a family garden tradition

With the back garden starting to take shape, time spent outside is getting back to a more normal routine.  Walking around this evening I couldn't help but think of one of the early memories of my parents in their garden.  My dad would get back form work, and after greeting my mum with a hug and a kiss, saying hello us kids, the two of them would head out to walk around their garden.  I never really understood what they did, it seemed to involve a glass of wine, a slow wonder pointing out plants that are doing well and usually being followed by at least one of the family cats and dogs. They still do this to this day, only now they are no longer interrupted by the kids.

View from seats in the side garden
What struck me was how I now continue this tradition. Getting back from work, I say hello to my OH and head out to look around the garden.  If the weather is fine, my OH may join me with a glass of wine, and while she is not really interested in plants, she doesn't mind me pointing out the odd plant doing well and we catch up on events of the day.

Main succulents rockery in the evening sun
When I was young I didn't really understand why they did it, in fact I didn't really understand until I properly got into my succulents about 10 years ago. Now it seems the most natural thing in the world and something I look forward to throughout the day. I am guessing this evening stole is quite common among gardeners around the world, with or without a drink and family pets.  What better way to relax after a day at work, especially in the long UK summer evenings.

Tonight as I looked around the plants all seemed to be settling in, if I needed a sign of this I found several not least the smallest cycad revoluta sending out a new flush.

Normally I would cut the old fronds off at around this point, the winter was so mild that this set have very little damage.  They have relaxed slightly, so once the new flush is completed I'll decide how it all looks and decide then.

So have have you carried on any family traditions in the garden, or have you come up with your own new ones?

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  1. Enjoyed your blog post - yes - only my tradition skipped generations! My grandmother was an avid gardener, but mother only grew a garden out of a sense of duty. I would describe myself as "rabid' rather than "avid" - we have 200+ succulents/cacti, and a massive vegetable garden. My OH is growing interested in gardening too, but it's taken many years to pass on the bug. =C) Thanks.