Saturday, 12 July 2014

Echeveria agavoides ebony update.

Back in the middle of May I posted that one of the first jobs getting back in to the greenhouse was to chop up my largest echeveria agavoides ebony, the original post can be found here.   At the end of the last post the main head looked like this:

Time for an update.

The plants have been sitting on a tray developing roots since the last post.  This is probably a bit extreme, normally I would wait until the first roots stared to show and then rest very lightly cover in slightly damp soil.  I know it is bad, but with everything else going on it kept getting put off. While the plants are behind where they would normally be, it is an ideal opportunity to  see how the good root development:

As the stem rotting was an issue, it also means I can be sure that was no longer a problem. Good roots and no sign of rot means it was time to pot up. 

I have been looking for a plant to put in a large bowl as a real feature.  I figure echeveria agavoides ebony would make quite a bowl. There was another plant waiting to be homed as well, so it made sense.

The new plant has a very different look to my main plants, it came form really reliable source so it will be interesting to see how it develops. 

The pot will be placed in the shade and gradually moved out into full sun. If previous growth is anything to go by they should be well settled and starting to fill the pot by the end of the summer. Hopefully in time the whole pot will be overflowing with plants. Especially if I can learn from the past and actually just leave the plants to get on with it and not meddle. It should make quite a feature in the garden.

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