Saturday, 13 April 2019

Planning changes to the succulent rockery

The cold continues, so time to think about the planned changes to the main rockery.  It has filled out so much over the last year.

So some changes needed over the summer. First a few of these plants need to be removed.  The aloe striatula has got too big, so will be removed. This will also allow a better view of the garden from the house.  few of the small or medium sized agaves will most likely be repositioned to allow for the continued growth.

Then the rockery will be extended. Currently it changes just before the large railway sleeper. The other side of the sleeper has been empty or storage while the garage was removed.

The orginal idea in the garden plan was for this to be more traditional planting. The succuelnt rockery has worked so well it will now be continued the whole way along the bed. It will mean ordering more stone, but will be worth it as it will give a lot more space.

Linked to the extension, is sorting out the more jungle section. This was a bit of fun to see how the plants would cope if just left to fight it out.  There was one clear winner: the agave salmiana.

It is already over 1.5m across so action needs to be taken before it's too late.  That whole section will be dug up, very carefully, and the plants relocated to the front garden.  There is a large circular bed in the front and it will be planted in the centre of that and can take over there instead.  Hopefully as the front gets less sun, it will be little slower.

It is amazing how much everything has all grown, especially in the last couple of years. This photo is from March 2017.

Anyone who says agaves and yuccas don't grow should take note.

So that is going to keep me active for a bit. Once the rock arrives I can get started, assuming that we do finally move into spring and summer. I don't like damging roots / plants when there are still frosts.

There will probaly be photos of who gets lets damaged when it comes to digging the agave salmiana up. I know who my money's on.

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