Monday, 11 July 2011

At last some planting

With the frame finished it was finally time to get on with some planting.  Having tried a few different designs on paper and looked at a few more pictures from the internet It seemed that having a few clumps of the same plant interwoven with something creeping would work for what I wanted.

So first in was sempervivum virgil (which if you do not own I highly recommend for its colour, quick offsetting and not dieing back too much over winter). Then an agave parryi cream spike, as a bit of a focal point. 

I was very good and even managed to leave the pup in place, so we shall see what happens to that as the plants settle in.

Next in were a couple of Xgraptosedum 'Mediterranean Mystery' which have pretty little flowers in spring,  and will hopefully snake out of the picture as they grow.  Between these, and this will be consistent through the whole thing, is a little compact saxifrage.

You can't see the variation in colour quite as well in the photos, but so far I am pleased with it. I'm still not sure I have enough plants and it may end up that the sempervivums get repeated to fill up any remaining space, but it is good to actually get the planting underway. No doubt updates will take up the next few posts as I finish off the planting.