Thursday, 28 July 2011

Late flowering echeverias

There is a common view that echeverias are only spring / early summer flowerers. I am guessing this tends to be because the most available forms mainly flower early.  There are however echeverias for all seasons and right now the second wave of plants are flowering away.  The mid-summer varieties are often the blue forms (I did a post on them back in May), These are three of the best coloured varieties, from left to right: e. subsessilis, e. john catlin and e. peacockii.

It can be hard to show the flowers as they can get very octopus like. The other common factor of the blue varieties are the types of flower as they are all of the shepherds crook form. You can see why on this photo of e. peacockii.

Then as these ones past their best the next batch will just be starting. I hope to have at least one form in flower for 10 months of the year (although the winter ones need some protection in the UK). Maybe it would make a good future post to do the complete year in echeveria flowers for anyone who wants to find a variety that flowers at any particular point. So no more using the "they only flower in Spring" excuse for not owning lots!

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