Wednesday, 14 December 2011

As winter arrives

This week we have finally had our first frosts, along with some very blustery storms. Bringing to an end our wonderfully warm start to the winter and starting the period of wondering how the unprotected plants are going to cope.  Already the fluffy plants in the garden like gingers and brugmansias have wilted and need to be cut back.  So far all the succulents are undamaged and it is not until our first -3 that I would expect to see any damage.

I have mentioned before that I have limited space for winter storage, and no space for a proper green house.  Instead I have my little cold frame (posted about here) and a few lucky plants get space in the garden shed.  Sadly the shed can not be totally turned over to plants, it has to store the tools and bikes which limit the space to a few shelves on either side.

The left hand side has two large windows which with the polycarb roof keep it good and light.  These shelves are mainly full of the echeverias and aloes. Even at this time of year there are still a few echeverias flowering which bring some colour inside. 

There are of course one or two agaves mixed in for good measure:

The other side is a bit more closely packed with plants to make the most of the space, again a mix of echeverias, aloes and agaves.

Finally to make the most of the limited the space I have a few hooks in the roof from which I can hang watering trays for more plants.  This was something I saw at a nursery and it works well for limited space.

So that is the tour of my little winter storage shed. Who knows one day I may have the space for a greenhouse until then, it does a very good job of looking after some of more tender plants.


  1. Wow...kudos to you...looks like you've totally maximized your space! Good luck during winter...I hope all your plants pull through :-)

  2. Such a handsome-looking collection of plants! You obviously care for them in exactly the way they prefer, judging by their condition.

  3. Good job of protecting some fine plants. Gardeners always find a way to manage. May you someday get the greenhouse of your dreams!

  4. Scott: so far it has been a very mild winter, lets hope it stays that way.
    Amy: Thank you, I am afraid that the condition of the plants in pots is at the expense of the rest of the garden. One day I may spred my time more evenly.
    HB: Thank you, hopefully in my next house I will have space for that green house!