Friday, 30 December 2011

A little christmas surprise

It can be bit boring at this time of year for the UK spiky obsessed, the plants have slowed down, most are tucked up for winter.  About the only bit of excitement is the odd aloe or echeveria flower and these can be painfully slow. So you can imagine my excitement looking around the pots to find this:

Yes a pup on my prized aloe viper. It is a lovely plant I wanted from the time I first saw a photo on-line. Having finally tracked one down this summer, I have watched it grow wondering how it would do in the UK (some varieties of aloes and agaves just don't do well with our lower light levels). The pup is a promising sign, although it has lost some of the red colour.

I am guessing I will be very popular with my other obsessed friends when they see this one.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful Christmas present! Nice to find these little surprises when one turns their back. I have a string of pearls that's in full glorious bloom right now, and it looks like a basket of fireworks - and makes the whole pump house smell like cinnamon. How are we going to restrain the urge to bring more home!