Thursday, 8 December 2011

Funny how things work

It's funny how often coincidences happen; my OH was looking at my last post on the green wall and got out her camera and produced these two photos. The first one shows much more clearly the planting pockets.

It seems she was up at Edgeware road station and saw the green wall and took some photos for me.

Strange that we should both come across this wall independently at almost identical times.


  1. & what an awesome wall it is!

  2. Wow, cool! Can you ID some of the plants?

  3. HB: I am going to have to go and visit it myself to see in more detail what the plants are.

  4. Wow, it's so beautiful, isn't it. I know the Biotecture crew (the company who created this wall) so I admit to a bias (!) but I think this really is a stunning example of how a well designed installation is good for the soul as well as London's air quality!

    1. Holly, given the problems London is going to have lowering it's air pollution levels, let's hope we do see a lot more of these walls appearing over the next year. I wouldn't be bad if every new major building had to include at least one!