Tuesday, 23 November 2010

No yuk in yucca

I love yuccas: they cope with our winters without problems, they give a bit of height to a dry bed and of course they flower (even when you don't want them to!).  There are of course lots to choose from many readily available, and being hardy this is one plant I do not need to sneak past the OH under my jumper. Recently there have been a few variegates turning up: one of the best has to be yucca gloriosa bright star.  Photos do not do this plant justice, in reality it is very sunny yellow.

I'm not so sure about yucca recurvifolia banana split, I keep feeling it is a bit too fluffy and I have been conned by the name.

To make up for it there is also yucca whipplei, this definitely fits into the spiky category with lethal spines.  Thankfully it is out of the way and so not one you walk past or get caught on too often.

Another unusual one is yucca baccata, thick leaves with little filaments.  It should form a trunk but given mine has only grown about 1 leaf this year  I think I may be waiting some time for that.

But out of all the ones I have yucca rostrata is my favourite.  When I got this plant it looked a bit like Worzel Gummidge, with its old leaves all wrapped up.

A quick hair cut and it looked much better, or I think so.  Some people prefer to leave the old leaves but I like them to look nice and trim.

Since being planted it has filled out and now has a friend to keep it company.

There are still a couple I want to get hold of, but I am going to have to find more room first!


  1. Love these! I've got them all except the yucca recurvifolia banana split, I'm not sure why I haven't gotten that one yet. And I'm definitely with you on the hair cut for the Rostrata, much much nicer.

    That last photo is simply gorgeous!

  2. I love 'Bright Star'--it's a beauty! Your desert planter is so well done. Y. linearfolia would look good in there.

  3. DG: Thank you, It is getting better every year as the plants get bigger.

    HB: 'Bright star' is I think the best of the variegated yuccas, well worth tracking down. I did have a linearfolia but it rotted. I am planning a dry bed in the back and may get one for that if there is space.