Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Back to symmetry

I should start with a photo to put everything back on the more ordered track after my Halloween post.

sempervivum ciliosum
This is one of my favourite sempervivums, I split all the offsets off at the start of summer and planted them around the pot and I am pleased with the way they are filling out.  Neat as this group is, some are even more symmetrical.

sempervivum ashes of roses
I have managed to accidentally acquire a few of these this year and even had to put a little alpine trench along the front of the dry bed to house some of them.  They seemed to appreciate the work and quite a few flowered this summer.

sempervivum ohio burgundy
I like the fact that you can get so many different colours, Virgil is particularly good almost lilac and it has the added benefit of being a good clumper.

And how about this for a red!

sempervivum arachnoideum x nevadense
I quite like the furry ones (but don't tell anyone)

sempervivum lively bug
But mainly I have been trying to get ones that get big.  This is is Othello and should get to over 20cm if I cut the offsets off to allow it to grow.

Hopefully this has reestablished the order of things.

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  1. Beautiful set of semp's! You have quite a variety. I like the furry ones too!