Sunday, 21 November 2010

Unwanted flower

I mentioned in a previous post, that despite having several yuccas I have yet to have one flower.  Well I finally have my first yucca flowering and typically it is the one plant I did not want to flower!

I rescued a yucca gloriosa variegata from my parents house towards the end of the summer.  It has a 3 - 4 foot trunk but the head is in terrible condition having flowered in previous years.  They wanted to get rid of it,  so I dug it up and have been carefully nursing it back to life.  Checking on it the other day I found this:

Flowers can seriously set yuccas back,  they put so much energy into the flower that it can take years to get back into full growth. Given that I have been trying to nurse this one back to full health,  the last thing I wanted was for it to flower. How come I have all these other plants that I have been desperate to flower and nothing and now just when you don't want a flower along it comes.


  1. It looks to be a beautiful flower, but what an odd time of the year for it to decide to do so. Good luck with the nursing, and although I'm sure every plant is different I've got several yuccas that haven't missed a beat in the growth dept while still pushing out an annual flower.

  2. Thank you DG. With this one I wouldn't normally worry about the flower, just that it has limited roots and was hoping it would put all its effort into settling in.

  3. This one give an amazing atmosphere to the place, i have lots of them here but most from my homeland brazil. Maybe I could send you some ;)