Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I should have known.

I have to confess to not being 100% honest with you all.  I have been on another one of my trips this time for 2 weeks in Myanmar (Burma) and scheduled my last few posts to appear throughout my trip. When I left it was lovely and warm and we were having the warmest winter I can remember. The posts during my trip reflected this and I think I jinxed it. If you have seen the news, or live in Europe you will know it is not a mild winter any more! You can imagine my horror when I got this photo of my dry bed from my OH.

I have mentioned before that snow in the UK does all the damage due to being wet and constantly melting and re-freezing. Thankfully my lovely OH had gone out and put down the fleece before it snowed so all the plants were fine and I need not of worried. The snow has gone now, and it has warmed up again. The moral of the story is don't go away in the coldest month of the year, and if you do, definitely do not comment on how warm it has been!

Don't worry I will do a post on my trip with some much warmer photos soon.


  1. Oh man...glad to know everything was ok! I know what you mean...last summer, I did a post on how pleasantly cool it had been up to that point...wouldn't you know it, a week later we were pushing 100°...ugh!

  2. Scott. being the the UK I would never complain about it being too hot. It is not something that every happens for longer than about 1 hour.