Sunday, 27 May 2012

A merry little dance.

I have mentioned before that I like re-potting; it gives me an opportunity to check on the plants health and to take the annual progress photos. The only problem with the constant upgrading of plants into larger pots, is they take up more space.  Given how limited my current garden is, I try to minimise the amount of extra space and re-potting has become a sort of dance. The first stage is to group the plants into sets, going from small to large pots.

In this case the large echeveria setosa has got leggy and doesn't warrant all the space, so it was for the chop:

Now the largest pot if free and the agave ferdinandi-regis could be moved up a pot:

Next was the little aloe:

Then agave lophantha:

Maybe a little bit over-jealous with this one:

On the plus side it can go in a smaller pot, and next was agave parrasana meat claw:

The one the agave ovatifolia:

Finally the largest echeveria setosa cuttings could be rooted into the smallest pot.

And we're done.  All plants potted up (or down in case of the accident) so they don't take up any more space. Of course it would be considerably quicker and easier just to assume I am going  to have more space in the next garden.


  1. Enjoyed the merry little dance thoroughly! I like the top dressing of white stones you're using too - very attractive for display. Do you use a water meter to check for moisture?

    1. Thank you. I don't do any checks of how dry the soil is. All the plants are outside, in summer so I guess when to water depending on temperature and last rainfall. All the agaves are in clay pots which dry out much quicker, I also ensure there is a layer of gravel or crocks in the bottom of the pot to allow for ery good drainage.

  2. Interesting - makes sense. I try to follow a routine, based on the size of the pots, so I don't dry any out too badly. I'm wondering if a person shouldn't arrange their collection by country of origin, or something, to make things easier...but haven't got round to it. There's always entertainment in the succulent greenhouse!
    Amy from AB, CA

    1. I like the idea of sorting the plants by location. Sounds like the sort of over the top the behaviour of a true addict!