Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A weekend road trip, Part 1

Floods and house pipe bans it must be spring,  so it was off to Norwich for the weekend. There is nothing like a road trip to take your mind off the constant rain.  The first day was spent visiting two cactus nurseries with the Norwich branch of the British cactus and succulent society. The first stop was Southfields, this is as far as I know, the largest cactus nursery in the UK,and when you arrive you are greeted by this:

rows of tables full of lovely plants:

If it is something more substantial you are after they have those to.

Then it was back in the coach and off to the next place, Abbey Brook cactus nursery.  This was where I saw the variegates aloe ferox.


I should have included something in this photo to show the size,  it was about 4 feet (120cm) across.

You can't have a road trip without purchases:

As you can see it was mainly a cactus buying spree, but my favourite has to be this euphorbia pugniformis.

Thankfully that was going to be the majority of the buying, I was already trying to figure out how to sneak them into the house. Did I really need another car full of plants just before moving house?

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