Monday, 14 May 2012

A sunny morning in a woodland garden

I know woodland gardens are not the normal topic here, but a couple of times a year I visit Savill Gardens. While the gardens have different sections by far the most interesting are the woodland gardens, which at this time of year are stunning. With the cold wet April, the gardens are a little further behind than usual, but the rhododendrons are all out.

The paths wonder between the trees and every now and then you come out onto a larger patch of grass allowing you to take in the views from a distance.

They also have an excellent collection of acers

With everything being slow this year we got some different views to usual. The ferns are usually well established by now.

The difference was even more marked in the gunnera

I like this hosta 'Great Expectations'

The blue poppies were at their best as well

 There is an alpine section which is always good for some little plants

One of my favourite parts of the alpine garden is a little garden shed, it has a slate roof with a few sempervivums attached.  I was surprised to see a lot of almost white ones this year.  I have never seen that before.

Finally the gravel garden which was looking at bit tatty at the moment. The main group of plants dominating the views were the euphorbia. You couldn't really get close enough to get a decent photos but this e. griffithii fireglow is one I will be looking for.

It was a lovely day with friends in the sun. It only seems fair to end on a rhododendron

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