Sunday, 31 October 2010

Spiky Halloween

For halloween I thought I would dig out one of my more scary plants.  I got this agave titonata a couple of year ago from a local nursery where the plants had been neglected for a few years.  The combination of neglect and the chunky form make this a particularly gnarly plant.

Strangely it was this look that attracted me and it is my favourite form of this agave.  Much nicer than the slimmer, more ordered plant that you usually find.  Its terminal spines are so large that they tend to catch on each other and it has real problems unfurling each new leaf.  This distorts the spines more adding to the look.

So scary it may be, but no one else has one quite like it.


  1. Very different from the neater ones, not sure about this one, it is frightening me slightly with its lack of order

  2. Oxslip: It is amazing how many people say that about this plant. It seems 'order' is something important in many succulents (And normally I agree)