Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Tough love

It is always fun looking in other peoples front gardens as you walk past. Around here there are a surprising number with palms, cordylines, and yuccas.  There is also the odd agave americana including one massive one I will have to take a photo of at some point.

There is one garden I walk past every morning on the way to work that always makes me feel a bit jealous.  They have this lovely yucca and ever year it gets better and produces more flowers.  This year it has done particularly well and is now on its third set of flower spikes.

The jealousy comes from the fact owners never go out in the garden, do anything to look after it and in fact the whole garden is unloved.  This yucca obviously loves it though and flowers every year.   I guess it just goes to show that tough love really does work.


  1. I do wish that someone could explain to me why some Yuccas flower more than the standard late spring bloom!

  2. I starting off thinking it was a survival thing, if the plant was not health. Lately though I have noticed it with perfectly healthy plants, so back to square one.