Friday, 20 September 2013

A week off

With the new house needing a few major bits of work, it has had to be a cheap year and this meant no overseas holidays. Instead we visited Cornwall and the Scilly Islands. In the right weather this is as good a holiday spot as anywhere.

You have stunning islands

The most famous for plant lovers being Tresco with Tresco Abbey gardens

The great thing about Cornwall is everywhere you look there are stunning beaches

Even the smallest cottages have the odd plant of interest

If you want a bit of culture there is no need to leave the garden, maybe a quick museum trip

Or a bit of shakespear

Needless to say, I was very happy surrounded by all the plants.

It will take me a few days to sort all the photos then I'll do more detailed posts on each of the gardens. One surprise was that I came home without a single plant.  Well there has to be a first for everything.


  1. I do like Scilly but have not been since the helicopter ceased. The photos brought back some nice memories.

    1. The first time we went was by helicopter, this time we went by the plane and back on the ferry. There are some great succulent gardens/collections in both Scilly and in Cornwall

  2. Ah that doesn't look so bad! Can't wait to see more...

    1. It was great, just wait until you see the gardens and plants!

  3. Que belo lugar
    vale a pena visitar.