Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Favourite offset of the week: agave parasana 'Fireball'

It is getting to the end of the offset period, so this could be the last in this series for this year. It seems lucky then that it is another first for me.  Agave parasana 'Fireball' is one the best variegated agaves.

Being in the greenhouse has work wonders and it has put on really good growth this summer. I love the very vertical form of the parasanas, even the normal form is worth having in any collection and there a great blue forms as well.

Away getting distracted, there are two lovely little pups just poking its head through the gravel.

I'm going to have to fight the temptation to take these off next spring, as they seem to be very very slow if removed too early.


  1. Bela agave, e já com mudas.


  2. Babies are always a wonderful thing to have!

    1. They are, extra plants requiring no extra space. At least until you remove them to plant on.