Sunday, 1 September 2013

Sempervivum Sunday: S. 'Green Dragon'

A little plant for the selection today and another of my favourites (although it seems I say that every week). Unlike last weeks plant, this one looks good all year and always has something worth looking at. S. 'Green Dragon' is another cutivar, green leaves with red tips, change slightly though the year.  

The photo above shows the summer colour, where only the tips are red.  Size wise, at only 1-3cm this one is in the small group.  The size can vary greatly depending on how it is grown; given space they grow, but left form a clump they stay around 1cm. The rosettes are very neat and never seem to get too messy.

The photo above shows not only the smaller size, but  the more red / distressed colour.  As you can see they clump quickly, with lots of offsets coming from the base of the plant.  One of the things I love about this plant, is how it spreads across the pot, new plants forming in the middle of the group and pushing up for the soil around the edge.  For me it works well in a pot of some sort, where it can form a carpet, maybe growing up to and over a rock or two.

Again no flowers as yet and can't find any images either.  Very winter hardy, a little change in colour, but no damage from cold and wet. I found out this summer that they also change colour in during very hot weather.

With their compact form, good clumping and good colour, well worth a place in a pot somewhere on display.

The stats:

  • Cultivar
  • Size: Small, 1-3cm
  • Summer Colour: green with red tip, winter colour almost totally red.
  • Rosette: Neat
  • Offsets: Many forming from base of plant.
  • Clump: Fast, creeping out across the pot.
  • Flower: not known
  • Winter hardiness: Good

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