Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Ungrateful plants

It has been such a good summer, it's easy to forget we are now into September. Today for the first time I got home and it was dark.  My father in law would say "the nights are drawing in".  As far as I'm concerned we have a while to go before proper early nights,it's still summer. 

Work on the other hand has a lot to answer for, late nights and the plants in the work garden misbehaving.  Many of the succulents in the gravel bed are spares form my own garden.  One of them being a yucca I had sitting around in a pot. It was a rescue and being so slow to recover, I though I would donate it, I didn't have space for it at the time anyway.  Popped out into the garden today to have a quick look at how everything was doing and found it was starting to flower.

That's a good thing I hear you say.

Well on the way to recovery.

You like yucca flowers, and will bring some colour at the end of the summer.

All good points I give you, but the simple fact is that I have yet to manage to get a yucca to flower in my own garden. I like to think they are well looked after and healthy.  They definitely seemed happy and put on lots of growth.  But do they flower?

Nope, nothing, not even a flicker of a flower spike. 

Take them to work, leave them to get on with it and they flower. The ungrateful things, I'm sure they do it on purpose. In the mean time, my aim to get my first yucca flower in my own garden continues.

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