Friday 24 August 2012

It's been a while

Since my last post a lot has happened and so it it difficult to decide where to start.

We said good bye to the old house, not a succulent in sight.

London hosted the Olympics, which was amazing. It is a very good year to be in London.

I went to the British Cactus and Succulent Society (BCSS) national show:

We moved a lot of plants to the new house:

More Olympics events were held. To compete at that level you have to be obsessed so all the athletes deserve congratulating, as do all the volunteers and people who made it such a fun two weeks.

I bought some plants at the national show:

I started to find homes for the plants in the new garden:

Team GB finished 3rd in the medal table at the Olympics, who would have thought it.

We had to move all our furniture into storage while the builders ripped out the electrics and plumbing and bathroom in the new house.  Which means my OH and I are currently living with my parents! For those that can not remember what that is like, there is a very good reason we all leave home! Actually they have been brilliant and have let us take over part of their house so a big thank you to them. I may also have taken over their garden shed.

So  much to report.  I will do posts on the move, the new garden and the national show when things calm down.  In the mean time good bye Olympics, hello Paralympics.

Oh and to top it all we actually had a week of sunny and hot weather.  What more could you ask for?